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Golden Age Syndrome

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I tend to lose any shreds of leftover dignity (like i have much left) if i encounter life forms with red hair or scottish accent.
So about the pret vs prest thing (I don't have the ability to form accents) technically both are right because the housetop accent is basically saying that there used to be an S in there, but it was taken out (see foret vs forest, hopital vs hospical). And considering this was probably before the invention of the housetop accent, it is completely reasonable to use prest instead of pret. =) Hooray for french class!
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Exactly, in fact I never said that “pret” wasn’t grammatically correct, I just said that in this case, the motto of the clan - and in Outlander- is in its archaic form “Je suis prest” …. I didn’t go into depth of the matter just because I run an outlander a fanblog, not of French grammar one xD
Thanks darling, you’ve explained it better than I would have ever been able to do! 

This actually sums up their marriage pretty well
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"A man has to choose what’s worth fighting for." 

Jamie & Claire - 1x05 Rent Promo x 

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It's "je suis prêt" not prest
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No, it’s actually “prest”. In the books, in the tv show, and in the original Fraser of Lovat clan motto: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clan_Fraser_of_Lovat


If Jamie takes the oath, Dougal wouldna let him breathe MacKenzie air for long.” 

Claire, Murtagh & Jamie - 1x04 The Gathering 

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Dougal comforting a dying clansman.

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